Interviews at the International Legume Conference of LEGATO and EUROLEGUMES in Novi Sad

Georgia Ntatsi (Agricultural University of Athens, TRUE WP2 Leader and member of EUROLEGUMES):
"The idea to come here is to show people how we can use the knowledge gained from EUROLEGUMES in the new project TRUE. This was my main aim, because in this project we managed to have a lot of scientific activities that gained a lot of knowledge and fruitful results and with this rotationship we can now transfer it to the new project. One thing that we missed in EUROLEGUMES and that we will find in TRUE is the data management. The creation of a database with all the knowledge gained from the previous projects and the new that will come from our case studies will be a specific added value in our new project."

Marta Vasconselos (Catholic University of Portugal, TRUE deputy coordinator and WP3 leader):
"This was a really good opportunity for us to confirm the status quo, the state of the art from what has been done in legume research in Europe. It was a good confirmation, that TRUE is very well set up whithin a framework of previous projects and it is well set up to now spring forward in terms of knowledge and impact on the optimisation of the legume utilisation and cultivation in Europe. I am more and more confident of how our project will be a success now that we have established such a good collaboration with previous project leaders and researchers that have done very good things, so - GO TRUE!"

Henrik Maaß (University of Hohenheim, Research Center for Global Food Security and Ecosystems, TRUE WP1 deputy leader)
"It was really interesting to see all te activities and get to know the people behind. For us and for our project it may help a lot, because we also saw what is missing to increase the legume production and consumption in Europe. Some of these ideas will be involved in TRUE as well. I missed a little bit the discussion about policies. That will be included in TRUE much more. We will have a special work package on policies and also one on markets, so we will have some other focusses, but will develope TRUE based on the results presented here."

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