Interview with TRUE work package leaders

TRUE Work Package Leaders after presenting the first H2020 intermediate report to the EU. Scotland House, Brussels, December 2018

What can amaze other people about the achievements of the TRUE project until now?

  • brings together a lot of different people from the legume story
  • more than 30 blogposts with project updates on the website
  • nice to have so many case studies working together on legumes for cows. legumes as vegetables or other diverse things
  • creating legume based products that are appealing to the consumer and also measuring the impact of health of the consumption of legume based food
  • discovering and pushing forward a lot of opportunities for legumes and legume based products in the food and feed markets
  • combination of environmental benefits with the nutrient benefits
  • access to a bulk of knowledge through the transdisciplinary work, curious to see from social science perspective the measurement of uptake on farmers and consumers side.
  • there is no overall policy for legume production and consumption, but a range of individual policies can create a momentum for more legumes
  • huge amount of knowledge already collected that needs to be structured in a Decision Support System (DSS) for assessing the sustainability of legume systems.
  • TRUE will have a real transdisciplinary DSS
  • gather the evidence base that will empower consumer led change

Find all work package descriptions and WP leader contact details here.

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