Show cooking at "Mercado de Bolhão"

As part of the field trip during the 2nd TRUE LIN Workshop which took place in Porto, all TRUE members were invited to a show cooking event at "Mercado de Bolhão".

Surrounded by traders presenting Portuguese traditional foods, TRUE members enjoyed chief Antonio's cooking show and the delicacies he and his team presented. With all food being nicely served and presented, as well as accompanied by a glass of cooled white wine, one could easily forget being seated on the centre of a busy market place.


To start with Antonio and his team suprised his audience with "Peixinhos da horta" (Portuguese: Little fish from the farm), which turned out to be fully vegetarian with the "fish" being based on green beans. The following main  "Thousand colour bean stew" kept what it promised and attested to the variability of legumes once again. The meal was rounded off by another special legume treat:  a traditional Portuguese Bean Tart. 


See below for the according recipes and click here to find more delicious legume dishes.

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