About Us

The overall aim of TRUE is to identify constraints and lock-ins that hinder the realisation of functional food and feed chains, and identify routes to transition for a range of legumes and farm networks across Europe.

Our Approach

Define the current status and ideal optimum state of sustainability in areas where the pillars overlap, while minimising the trade-off in the overlapping regions


Sophisticated analysis, using established data-mining and modelling techniques that can be applied in order to test the utility of the metrics of sustainability and then to quantify and rank existing transition paths


Novel Decision Support Systems for a wide range of end users can help stakeholders to identify optimum states and hence more effective transition pathways.

Our Objectives

1.Identify, from data collected across a diversity of Farm Networks and Case Studies, key factors that demonstrate successful use of legumes in a range of production systems with related quality chains, and the historical drivers that supported the transition


2.Using a suite of advanced modelling approaches, combine data generated from Farm Case Studies into a final Decision Support Tool for primary producers, agronomists, processors, and associated businesses to determine a range of options for successful transitions that include a range of legume species to match the pedo-climatic zones and farm network types