Agri Kulti Ltd.

The Agri Kulti Ltd. (established in 2011) operates as rural development consultancy and research workshop, Agri Kulti has mastered to balance education, research and implementation. With the far-reaching aim to reconsider and reconstruct urban-rural relationship, the team has been investigating, elaborating and testing practical and viable models for sustainable rural development, focusing mainly  on local agricultural producers and small-scale farmers – a vital segment of local rural economy – to secure a preferable social and economic position on the long run. Organized and lead by Agri Kulti, Sustainable Rural Development research seminar at the Faculty of Human Ecology of Eötvös Loránd University undertook community-based action research activities in various regions of Hungary and also cross-border, in search of viable bio-regions, and as a result, farmers’ markets were founded and tested in operation. Nagymaros Farmers’ Market (2011) has become the model of the ‘new-generation farmers’ markets’ in Hungary as well as a test site of new legislation.

Experiences gained with researches and markets inspired Házikó, the recent flagship project of Agri Kulti. Házikó is an agro-social enterprise launched in 2014 operating along clear social and environmental goals. By Házikó, Agri Kulti has developed a well-functioning systemic model for the integration of farm-products to urban gastronomy. The aim is still to enhance the market participation of innovative small-scale farms and agricultural enterprises, while providing city consumers with top quality, healthy, fresh food.Házikó operates as a living lab continuously assessing urban customers’ expectations as well as the performance of Hungarian small-scale food producers. Through Házikó, Agri Kulti is able to monitor the transition towards a more sustainable food system.