Agricultural University of Athens

The Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), founded in 1920, is the third oldest university in Greece. AUA is situated on a 25-hectare green campus and comprises two faculties, six departments, and 7-11 Laboratories in each department, with more than 350 permanent staff members. The University’s 16 building complexes comprise auditoriums, 41 fully equipped laboratories, extensive agricultural facilities (e.g. an arboretum, vineyard, experimental fields, flower garden, greenhouses), a modern library, computer rooms, an agricultural museum, a student centre, an indoor gym and other facilities with pastoal function. The proposed project will be implemented by the Faculty of Crop Science (FCS; with major contribution by the Laboratory of Vegetable Crops (LVC, In addition, the Lab. of General and Agricultural Microbiology (LGAM), and the Lab. of Ecology and Environmental Science (LEES), and two external researchers from the University of Thessaly will be also involved. The facilities of the LVC include 4 teaching and research laboratories, experimental fields, and two heated greenhouses: a fully-automated glasshouse with 4 autonomous compartments and a plastic-covered greenhouse. Additional field and laboratory facilities will be provided by the another two collaborating laboratories (LGAM and LEES). The major research activities of the LVC include
hydroponics, vegetable grafting, irrigation in vegetable crops, vegetable crop nutrition, greenhouse environment and its impact on vegetable production and quality, greenhouse gase emmisions, biological nitrogen fixation, and harvest and post- harvest physiology of vegetables.

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Dr. Dimitrios Savvas