Arbikie Distilling Ltd.

2014 heralded the opening of the Stirling family’s distillery within the Arbikie Highland Estate, situated on the dramatic east coast of Scotland. Arbikie is unique; the first single estate distillery in Scotland to produce vodka, gin and whisky using traditional Scotch distilling methods and equipment. All of our spirits are copper-pot distilled to ensure the same quality and standing enjoyed by Scotch Whisky globally. Today a farm-to-bottle authenticity is widely claimed but is increasingly rare amidst the drive to make spirits a global commodity. For us it is critical to ensure traceability, quality raw materials and with the added benefits of a short supply chain. Our distillery is built in a converted barn where craftsmanship and contemporary distilling methods sit side by side. The distilling team is passionately led by our
youthful master distillery Kirsty Black who, along with fellow ICBD graduate Christian Perez, brings new and innovative ideas and approaches whilst ensuring that the history, tradition and provenance of Scottish distilling is built into the DNA of every spirit we produce. Our focus is on the promotion of locally grown, sustainable ingredients; exploring potentially new raw materials to lead the way in the distilling industry identifying new starch sources, processing methods and flavours.

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