IGV Institut für Getreideverarbeitung

IGV GmbH develops innovative products, facilities and processes for crop processing and biotechnology as well as food ingredients/additives and related products.


Based on decades of experience and comprehensive technological expertise, we also offer various services for the food industry and the biotechnology branch. IGV is consultant for industrial partners and governmental organisations. The fields of activity are all steps of processing of different types of grain and all other plant materials (milling, fractionation, hydrothermal-treatment, extrusion, co-extrusion, baking). One task is the search for applications of by-products of the processing of seeds and other plant resources for food/ feed, nutraceutical manufacturing. Other plant materials and by-products that are in focus of our R&D projects are legumes, oilseeds, herbs and spices, inulin plants. Additional field of activity is the conversation into functional food, feed, pet food, aquaculture products. A special field is algae research (construction of fermenters, cultivation, and application). Our 5 areas of focus - food/ feed technology, plant biotechnology, baking technology, renewable materials and our accredited test laboratory are the mirror of the challenges of 50 years of activity. We have worked on industrial and public contract research since IGV was established in 1960. Our service range includes scientific-technical services for product and process development, laboratory services, consulting as well as training and lifelong learning and education programs.

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Country: Germany



Dr. Gerd Huschek