Jožef Stefan Institute

Jožef Stefan Institute (founded 1949) is a research organization for basic and applied research in natural sciences and technology. At present the Institute has more than 850 staff, of which 630 are research staff. Of the research staff, about 200 are PhD students temporarily employed while obtaining their degrees, about 360 are researchers with a PhD, and about 170 of the latter are professors or have part-time teaching positions at Slovenian universities. In view of its activities and status, the Jožef Stefan Institute plays the role of a national institute, complementing the role of the universities and bridging the gap between science and industry. In 2014, the Jožef Stefan Institute ranked among the top ten research institutes in Europe. The Jozef Stefan Institute will participate in the TRUE project with the Department of Knowledge Technologies, which performs research in advanced information technologies, aimed at managing knowledge for knowledge-based applications. These include intelligent data analysis (machine learning, data mining, knowledge discovery in databases), language technologies, decision support and knowledge management. We apply these technologies to practical problems in the areas of environmental and life sciences, medicine, economy and marketing. The department’s research program has been evaluated as the best research program in ICT (2004-2008) by the Slovenian Research Agency. The Department has been and is involved in many EU-funded research projects over a period of almost two decades (ranging from the ESPRIT III program to H2020).

Tasks within TRUE:

 Work Package 8


Country: Slovenia



Prof. Marko Debeljak