Intercontinental Scientific Advisory Board

Sustainable management of natural resources is a priority for CAP 2014-2020. Agricultural sustainability and food security are key aims of the new Food-KIC 2016 and Europe’s policy framework on food security in developing countries, to which we contribute in part via our Intercontinental Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) comprised of experts from Canada, USA, Brazil, Croatia, India, Kenya and Australia. The ISAB is Chaired and Vice-chaired by two Case Study partners and the ISAB holds quarterly meetings.

  • The slides and abstracts of the presentations given by the ISAB members during the 2nd General Assembly of the TRUE Project can be seen here.
  • Interviews with the ISAB members introducing themselves and talking about the innovative approach of the TRUE project can be found here.

Prof. Dr. Moya Kneafsey



Professor of Food and Local Development/Human Geography

Coventry University

United Kingdom

Prof. Dr. Bob Rees



Professor of Agriculture and Climate Change, Head of Carbon Management Centre

Scotland's Rural College

United Kingdom

Dr. Laurence Carmichael


Head of WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Urban Environments

University of the West of England Bristol

United Kingdom

Prof. Dr. Michael A. Grusak


Professor of Pediatrics-Nutrition

Baylor College of Medicine  and Center Director, USDA-ARS, Fargo, ND


Jurka Topol


Senior Expert Associate in Department for Economy Projects in Public Institution for the Development of the Međimurje County REDEA (PIRED)


Dr. David O'Dee


Chief Research Scientist, Head of Biotechnology Laboratory

Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI)


Prof. Dr. Albert Vandenberg


Professor & NSERC Industrial Research Chair

University of Saskatchewan



Prof. Dr. Robert Boddey


Professor of Soil Science & Biological Nitrogen Fixation

Embrapa Agrobiologia


Prof. Parthib Basu


Director of the centre for Pollination Studies

University of Kolkata