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Nàdar: the World'First Climate Positive Gin
Interviews · 30. March 2022
Kirsty Black, Iain Stirling and Pete Ianetta share their views on the development of Nàdar and why it is a good example of innovation with the potential to transform the food system.

Work package updates · 02. October 2020
As part of a student project for WP3: Nutrition and product development at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, a children's cookbook with legume recipes was created by TRUE student assistant Eva Lingemann. The book can help to familiarize consumers with the diversity and child friendliness of legumes and legume dishes

Reports · 19. February 2020
The world’s first “climate positive” gin has been created by UK scientists — using the humble garden pea. Five years of research at Abertay University and the James Hutton Institute in Scotland, in collaboration with Arbikie Distillery, has culminated in the release of new gin, Nàdar.

Interviews · 17. January 2020
During the 2nd continental Legume Innovation and Networking (LIN) workshop in Budapest we interviewed Emilie Wegner and Simon Vogt from the Start Up Hülsenreich about their perspective on legumes.

Reports · 14. January 2020
Legume Innovation workshop for stakeholders in Croatia

Case study reports · 25. February 2018
The European retail market is experiencing a rapid and consistent increase in consumer demand for new products made with plant protein. This trend has led to a huge number of new foods made with legumes being introduced across the EU. As an ongoing activity in TRUE project, innovation in the retail market is monitored by Work Package 4 to spot new products.