TRUE Legume Innovation Network (LIN) Workshops

Legume Innovation Network (LIN) - Workshops took place in the three geographical regions: Atlantic, Continental, Mediterranean. In each region will have been three Workshops at the end of the project. In April 2021 there will be a final joint conference to build a Legume Innovation Network (see launch invitation and registration details).


The meetings will help to

  • share legume focused activities with other networks and actors
  • exchange insights from legume based innovations
  • collate challenges and needs regarding legumes across the entire value chain
  • gather stakeholder assessments on legume markets and policies
  • identify key leverage points for improving framework conditions for legume-based food- and feed-chains.

The next meetings take place in

  • Atlantic: online-videoconference workshop (3 March 2021), hosted by Teagasc
  • Final LIN meeting at the joint conference: Brussels, Belgium (14-15 April 2021)

Stakeholder-Survey for those unable to participate

Documentations of previous LIN Workshops

Atlantic Region

Continental Region

Mediterranean Region


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