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3rd TRUE LIN Workshop in the Atlantic/Borreal region

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2nd TRUE LIN Workshop in the Atlantic/Borreal region

The second Legume Innovation and Networking Workshop of the Atlantic (and Boreal) Region took place in Nyborg (Denmark) on Tuesday 7th May 2019. The core theme of the workshop was “Enabling Legume Processing: opportunities and barriers”.


The aim of  this one-day-workshop was to bring together a wide range of legume-focused stakeholders from the Northern Europe to share their experience and opinion in identifying ways legumes may empower more sustainable food systems, which is an overarching aim of the TRUE project.


Karen Hamann, IFAU

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City: Nyborg

Country: Denmark

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Plant-based foods, vegetarian, climate-friendly and organic are hot topics in European food and agriculture. Did you know that legumes can meet all tese attributes and at the same time, contribute to a natural, local and sustainable agri-food system? Did you know that legumes are a valuable source of proteins for food and feed? Legumes are crops include peas, beans, alfalfa, clover, chickpeas, lentils and lupines – and many more species.


The workshop aimed to answer questions such as:

  • Are legume-based agri-food systems more sustainable?
  • How can bean distilling yield alcohol and protein concentrate?
  • Can we profitably biorefine clover-grass into feed- and food-proteins?
  • What is the market potential for foods and drinks made with legumes?
  • Which grain legumes may be sourced and processed for aquaculture?

Representatives from industries, researchers, business and innovation platforms, financial bodies, distributors, suppliers, as well as farmers, and more stakeholders from Europe were present to discuss these topics.


Innovative legume-based products, technologies or applications were showcased.

1st TRUE LIN Workshop in the Atlantic Region

The first Legume Innovation and Networking Workshop of the Atlantic Region took place on 13th and 14th of December 2017 in Peterborough, UK. It was hosted by the Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO).


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