Documentation of the TRUE LIN-Workshops for the Atlantic region

Second A-LIN workshop 2019 in Nyborg, Denmark


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  1. Presentation to the TRUE project - Pete Iannetta, Project Coordinator, James Hutton Institute, UK (download slides)
  2. Using legumes for production of alcoholic drinks - Kirsty Black, Master Distiller, Arbikie Distillery, UK (download slides)
  3. Faba beans in fish feed, challenges and opportunities - Berthel Vestergaard, Sourcing Manager, BioMar A/S, Denmark
  4. Policies to support legume based systems. What can innovation and regional development policies offer? - Eszter Kelemen, ESSRG, Hungary (download slides)
  5. Local products and plant proteins at Sinatur Hotel Storebælt - CEO Jan G. Larsen, Sinatur Hotel Storebælt, Denmark
  6. More legumes in crop rotations: challenges in Danish organic agriculture - Lars Lambertsen, Senior Advisor, Organic Denmark, Denmark (download slides)
  7. Turning organic clover grass into a sustainable source of feed protein - Erik Fog, Senior Advisor, SEGES Organic Innovation, Denmark (download slides)
  8. Environmental efficiency of human nutrition from chickpea pasta versus durum wheat pasta - Sophie Saget and Michael Williams, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and Marcela Porto Costa, Bangor University, UK (download slides)
  9. Pulses: Tackling Present and Future Food Trends - Thomas Hoehndorf, Area Sales Manager Grain Milling, Bühler Group, Scandinavia
  10. Funding that makes a difference: the case of Coop Crowdfunding - Nicolai Jaepelt, Coop Crowdfunding, Denmark (download slides)
  11. Exploring business cases for legumes, lessons learned so far - Karen Hamann, IFAU, Denmark (download slides)



  1. Enabling legume processing: opportunities and barriers – TRUE WP9
  2. Production of proteins for feed and food from lucerne and clover grass
  3. Blue lupin for white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) - TRUE CS 15
  4. Market model for legume-based feed for organic pig production - TRUE CS 10
  5. Fava bean Protein Isolate - Production, Properties, Utilization
  6. Extrusion of pea and oat ingredients to produce a healthy expanded snack
  7. Overview of breadth and diversity for peas - TRUE CS 12
  8. Retailer-producer quality chains and innovations - TRUE CS 9
  9. Legumes in public and private food service - TRUE CS 11


First A-LIN workshop 2017 in Peterborough, UK


  • Report of the first Atlantic Legume Innovation and Networking Workshop (A-LIN) (download pdf)