Mediterranean LIN Workshops

2nd TRUE LIN Workshop in the Mediterranean region - Porto, 2019

"Realising the ecological-health approach: consumers’ transition to legume-based diets"

Tuesday, 9 July 2019 in Porto (Portugal)


The 2nd Mediterranean Legume Innovation Networking (M-LIN) was jointly organized by UCP and Eurest and generated fruitful discussions around the topic of “Consumers and Sustainable Diets”. In this forum we shared experiences and results, as well as obtained valuable stakeholder input on how legumes have a crucial role in promoting more environmentally-friendly and healthy diets. Here we learned how consumers, citizens, public bodies, policy agencies, and industry are shaping the way we voluntarily or involuntarily make food choices on a daily basis.  


Prof. Marta Vasconcelos




Name: Universidade Catolica Portuguese

City: Porto

Country: Portugal

1st TRUE LIN Workshop in the Mediterranean region - Athens, 2018

The first Legume Innovation and Networking Workshop of the Mediterranean Region took place on 20th of April 2018 in Athens, Greece. It brought together TRUE members and Stakeholders across the whole legume based value chain to exchange on the changes needed to achieve an increase in legume production and consumption in Europe, especially in the mediterranean region.


Prof. Dimitrios Savvas

Email: or



Name: Agricultural University of Athens

City: Athens

Country: Greece