Documentation of the TRUE LIN-Workshops for the Mediterranean region

Second M-LIN Workshop in Porto, July 2019


First M-LIN Workshop in Athen, April 2018

Report of the 1st Mediterrenean Legume Innovation and Networking (LIN) Workshop (download pdf)


  • Background to the TRUE project and TRUE case study activities and legume-based innovationsPietro Iannetta, Project Coordinator, James Hutton Institute (UK)
  • Production and marketing of legumes consumed as vegetables in Greece - Christos Olympios, Emeritus Professor, Agricultural University of Athens
  • Innovations in legume production and consumption - Yiannis Galatoulas, GAIA Epicheirin
  • Τhe white vanilia beans and fava of Feneos - Yiannis Mitropoulos, DICOTYLON
  • Legume chains diagnosis for animal and human food and development prospects - Christophe Salon, Research Director, INRA, France
  • Current policies in production of legumes in Europe and their dependence on  breeding of new cultivars - Dimitrios Vlachostergios, Senior Researcher, Hellenic Agricultural Organization/Industrial & Fodder Crops Institute
  • Phenotyping legume genetic resources using morphological and molecular markers  - Photini Mylona, Greek Gene Bank, Institute of Plant Breeding & Genetic Resources



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