TRUE policy dialogue and EU Green Week 2021 partner event

"Legumes’ role post-COVID-19: reorienting the focus of policy on legume-based food and feed system"

26th of May 2021, 10:30 - 12:00h am; CEST - online

Short description

This dialogue event will inform policies for legume-based systems. Legumes are a good indicator of the totally perverted food system. Fruther, they present a seriously conflicting policy issue with several paradoxes, but also contribute solutions to solve e.g. environmental pollution.

TRUE project researchers will present their studies and analyses based on optimal management, farmers agronomy and support needs, market trends that growers face, taste, price and convenience and claims that consumers face.


Recorded presentations


Novel food innovations, Carla S. Santos 


            New plates old beans! Attila Králl


              Just the tonic! Kirsty Black


Winning the market, Karen Hamman




Sustainable Food Products, Sophie Saget 


10:30 Welcome and Introduction (Eszter Kelemen (ESSRG), Laura Fetzer (UHOH))

10:35 Presentations on TRUE outcome and policy lessons

  • Policy Delphi, Bálint Balázs (ESSRG)
  • Novel food innovations, Carla S. Santos (UCP)
  • New plates old beans, Attila Králl (AK)
  • Just the tonic! Kirsty Black (Arbikie)
  • Winning the market, Karen Hamman (Institute for Food Studies) 
  • Sustainable Food Products, Sophie Saget (#GoEconut) 

11:30 The TRUE policy briefs are discussed in breakout groups

  1.  Legumes and the Cap
  2.  Legumes in the light of the TRUE policy Delphi
  3.  Legumes policies in view of environmental impacts
  4.  Legume policies related to nutrition

11.45 Conclusion and Discussion (Pete Iannetta (JHI))

12:00 End