Project publications

Watch this space to find out about recent publications of TRUE partner organisations in the framework of the TRUE project.

Scientific articles

New Deliverable reports

Stakeholder workshop reports

  • Report of the Continental LIN Workshop, November 2017 in Hohenheim, Germany (download pdf)
  • Report of the Atlantic LIN Workshop, December 2017 in Peterborough, UK (download pdf)
  • Report of the Mediterranean LIN Workshop, April 2018 in Athens, Greece (download pdf)
  • Report of the 2nd Continental LIN Workshop, October 2018 in Budapest, Hungary (download pdf)
  • Report of the 2nd Atlantic LIN Workshop, May 2019 in Nyborg, DK (download pdf)


Transdisciplinary Research

  • TRUE Toolbox for Transdisciplinary Research (download pdf)

Project information material