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Scientific articles

Practice Abstracts & Policy briefs

New Deliverable reports

  • Ebook on the Systematic Review (download pdf)
  • Data to institutional repository (ORPD) (download pdf)
  • Scientific, practice and policy publications in year 2 (download pdf)
  • Updated Risk Log and Review Report (download pdf)

  • Project Review, Impact & Legacy Plan - Report I Update (download pdf)

  • Web-based tool for legume systems (download pdf)

  • Scientific and technical manuals/publications for web tool (download pdf)

  • Sector Modelling Scenarios for Upscaling Legume Production in the EU27+UK (download pdf

  • Innovation Catalogue (download pdf
  • Best practice guide on legume processing and inclusion  (download pdf)
  • Practice Abstracts II (download pdf)
  • Policy Briefs & Recommendations (download pdf)
  • Establish founding membership of the 'Legume Innovation Network' (download pdf)
  • Recipes for Legume Dishes in Europe (download pdf)

  • Two scientific publications (download pdf)
  • Project Review, Impact and Legacy Plan - Report I (see on Zenodo)

  • Annual activity plan - Year IV (download pdf)

  • Scientific, practice and policy publications – Year III (download pdf)
  • The Environmental Assessment of Diets (download pdf)
  • Facilitating the EU market demand for legume-grain and -fodder as feeds (download pdf)
  • Behavioural analysis of farmers' and consumers' choice for legume uptake (see on Zenodo)
  • Decision Support Models for the Evaluation of Legume-Based Systems: Environment, Economy and Socio-policy (download pdf)
  • Impact plan recommendations (download pdf)
  • Summary Leaflet: attributional LCA for legumes and legume-based products (download pdf)
  • Open Access Database for Life Cycle Analysis (download pdf)
  • A map of value chains for legumes used as food  (download pdf)
  • Application of Delphi for governance contexts which favour legume-supported value chains (download pdf)
  • Best practices for the commercialisation of legumes (download pdf)
  • Sustainable Development Indicators for Quality Chains (download pdf)
  • Scientific, practice and policy publications in year 2 (download pdf)
  • Business Cases (download pdf)
  • Practice Abstracts (download pdf)
  • all deliverables

Stakeholder workshop reports

  • Report of the Continental LIN Workshop, November 2017 in Hohenheim, Germany (download pdf)
  • Report of the Atlantic LIN Workshop, December 2017 in Peterborough, UK (download pdf)
  • Report of the Mediterranean LIN Workshop, April 2018 in Athens, Greece (download pdf)
  • Report of the 2nd Continental LIN Workshop, October 2018 in Budapest, Hungary (download pdf)
  • Report of the 2nd Atlantic LIN Workshop, May 2019 in Nyborg, Denmark (download pdf)
  • Report of the 2nd Mediterranean LIN Workshop, July 2019 in Porto, Portugal (download pdf)
  • Report of the 3rd Continental LIN Workshop, September 2019 in Ljubljana, Slovenia (download pdf)


Transdisciplinary Research

  • TRUE Toolbox for Transdisciplinary Research (download pdf)

Project information material