Blog: Notes from the Field

CS1: Low Carbon Dairy System [Dec '17]

Soybean where? [November 2017]

Interviews at the International Legume Conference of LEGATO and EUROLEGUME in Novi Sad [September 2017]

Video Exchange on the field [June 2017]

UHOH and UCP Researchers give an interview about their role in the TRUE project and explain the legume trails on the agricultural experimental site "Kleinhohenheim".

TRUE Kicks off! [April 19-21, 2017]

The TRUE project officially launched on April 19, 2017 in Edinburgh with the convening of the 1st General Assembly. All 24 partners from 11 countries gathered for three days of intensive exchanges, discussions and presentations on the various work packages and planning of the TRUE project. The three main objectives of the Kick-Off meeting were to: 1) for all partners to be better acquainted with one another as well as their research capacities; 2) to understand the principles of transdisciplinary research and its application for stakeholder engagement; and 3) establish a robust data management plan. All partners left the meeting with new energy to move forward with their respective project activities. Stay tuned for more project updates from TRUE partners.