CS10: Market model development for organic pork

This case study will address the challenges of the increasing demand for organic pork and the constraints experienced in meeting this demand. The work will cover Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands (or France). Organic pig production is increasingly dependent on European or locally produced protein feed as the present option of including 5% non-organic protein feed will be encouraged shortly (an EU policy decision). Therefore, organic pig producers are in need of alternative and competitive protein sources like legume based feeds such as lupins, Vicia, Phaseolus or other protein crops (grass protein, alfalfa etc.). The case study will provide conclusions of the profitability of alternative legume crops in organic pig production and incentives needed to increase the cultivation of such to meet the demands from organic pig producers across the EU.



Type of legumes: Lupin, Faba bean, Soy bean

Type of farming system: Quality Chain, organic


Case Study Leader: Institute for Food Studies & Agro industrial Development (IFAU), Denmark

Contact person: Karen Haman,
IFAU Institute for Food Studies & Agroindustrial Development ApS, Agiltevej 15, 2970 Hørsholm, DK