CS11: Characterise vegetarian foods quality chain

Food services include the public (e.g. Hospitals) and the private sector (e.g. canteens). Procurement of food items for the public food service market is regulated by the Green Public Procurement Criteria, and in the recent report from the JRC about public procurement of food, it is highlighted that legumes could be more at the forefront if legumes were included it. This will be investigated in the case study. The food service market plays an important role in teaching consumers about food including vegetarian options and new food items. This will be investigated by researching the actions undertaken by public and private food service operators to serve and promote vegetarian meals, and to what degree legume based foods are part of such actions. In addition, the case study will investigate how policies can impact the market and how market actors are affected from such policies by e.g. the Danish Organic Eating label. This label is introduced by the Danish government to promote organic food in the private and public food service markets. The role of the label in driving demand for organic food including legumes will be investigated.

More information:

Type of legumes: Lupin, Faba bean, Soy bean, Lentil

Type of farming system: Quality Chain, conventional, organic


Case Study Leader: Institute for Food Studies & Agro industrial Development (IFAU), Denmark

Contact person: Karen Haman,
IFAU Institute for Food Studies & Agroindustrial Development ApS, Agiltevej 15, 2970 Hørsholm, DK