CS13: Assess structure/profit short chains – grain products

Though lentils (Lens culinaris) are a traditional crop in many temperate European countries, the crop disappeared from European cropping systems in the mid-20th century. Lentils are still an important food in traditional and modern cuisine, and they currently gain in importance trough the demand for vegetarian and vegan food. The revival of lentil growing and lentil consumption in parts of Germany for the last 10 years is an unprecedented story of success. We want to use this experience to push the re-introduction and expansion of lentil in modern farming all over


Europe, particularly in those countries from where the crop has disappeared in the last decades. We seek to multiply the lentil acreage, to increase and stabilize yields, and to network European lentil growers.

More information:

Type of legumes: Lentil

Type of farming system: Mixed, conventional, organic


Case Study Leader: University of Hohenheim, Germany

Contact person: Sabine Gruber, University of Hohenheim, Department of Agronomy, Fruwirthstraße 23, 70593 Stuttgart