CS16: Policy for sustainable development

The cultivation of legumes in Croatia is not developed sufficiently, primarily due to the fact that farmers and consumers are not familiar with the values and benefits of legumes growing.


Farmers need to be encouraged to develop a network with agricultural producers from other EU countries to transfer knowledge related to the introduction of legumes in production systems. The aim is to encourage farmers to increase production of legumes, and for consumers to raise awareness of their importance in a healthy diet. The case study will create preconditions for the improvement of the current situation at the regional and national level. A non-financial support mechanism for agricultural producers, who introduce legume crops in production systems, will be proposed. The positive effects of this would reflect on business of farmers in crop and livestock production, sustainable production in the agri-food sector and on the environment.

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Case Study Leader:

Magdalena Trstenjak

Public Institution for the Development of the Međimurje County REDEA