CS17: Sustainable short supply chains delivering novel legume products to reconnect producers and urban consumers

This case study aims to examine the possibility to introduce and enhance traditional and new legume varieties into urban gastronomy. The long-term goal is to sustainably revitalize rural


areas through enhancing the market stability of innovative, environmentally and socially conscious small-scale farmers and agro-enterprises. This should contribute to the reconnection of rural areas and cities by providing urban consumers with quality, healthy, fresh food in a fully transparent way. Traditional local varieties with special properties will be identified in field- and table studies  and tested by mainstream chefs, gastro bloggers and consumers at various scenes of urban gastronomy from street food through catering to leading restaurants.

More information:

Type of legumes: Beans, Pea, Lentil

Type of farming system: Farm and QC, conventional, organic


Case Study Leader: Gábor Bertényi, Attila Králl, Agri Kulti Ltd. (AGKU), Hungary


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