CS18: Ancient & heritage variety screening for higher nutritive value


Presently, a new awareness emerges about the failure of productions and the need for an integrated new vision in agriculture that recognises its multiple functions and assets in economic, social and ecological sustainability. Over time farms in Alentejo’s montado changed from a high degree of multifunctionality to intensification, unsustainability and dependency. The main goal of the case study is to analyse the new strategies that recreate the multifunctional montado traditional system, and adapt it to new economic, social and environmental challenges. On the other hand, the goal is to understand the new forces and dynamics that intercross and may result in facilitation, or blockage, in the development of farm multifunctionality. Several strategies aim to include farmers e.g. by adding value to traditional farm functions, integrated ecosystem services, consumers awareness and economic sustainability as key pillars of multifunctional agriculture.

More information:

Type of legumes: Common bean, Lupin, Lentil, Chickpea

Type of farming system: Farm, organic


Case Study Leader: Catholic University of Portugal, Portugal