CS19: Consumer – legume dishes

Educating Europe´s consumers on the benefits of legume grains may be a sustainable approach by which we will be able to increase the consumption of legumes in Europe. Eurest is responsible for the foods services in 1155 units, serving over 113,000 meals per day. In a pilot project called “Choose Beans”, catering two of these units, Eurest was able to increase legume consumption frequency by 25% and increased knowledge on the nutritional benefits of legume grains by 28%. In 2016, Eurest established that in each meal plan, there was a daily inclusion of at least one legume grain. In each unit a nutritionist was present, showcasing legume based dishes, organizing legume oriented games, and demonstrating the recommended daily serving. Eurest is currently expanding these initiatives to the education sector.

More information:

Type of legumes: Common bean, Lupin, Lentil, Chickpea

Type of farming system: QC, organic


Case Study Leader: Eurest Portugal, Portugal