CS09: Retailer-producer quality chain length

This case study will investigate for peas, faba beans, green beans, and lentils the supply chains from farm to market. The work will investigate the partnerships for bringing processed food and drink products into the EU retail market today including products within PGI/PDO certifications, nutritional supplements, processed foods, drinks, and other specialties made from legumes. The work will focus on Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Greece and the UK.


The work will provide conclusions about the most important marketing channels for legume based food and drink, and the relationship between the actors of the particular supply chain. Retail stores will be visited and producers of processed foods will be interviewed to get knowledge about e.g. present assortment and the segmentation between conventional and organic products as well as supply chain length and relationship with the farm sector. In addition, impact from certification schemes such as organic labels or sustainability labels will be investigated.

Type of legumes:  Lentil, Pean, Faba bean, French bean

Type of farming system: Quality Chain, conventional, organic


Case Study Leader: Institute for Food Studies & Agro industrial Development (IFAU), Denmark

Contact person: Karen Haman,
IFAU Institute for Food Studies & Agroindustrial Development ApS, Agiltevej 15, 2970 Hørsholm, DK