WP6: An Economic Assessment of Sustainable and Profitable Legume Production and Consumption

Lead Partner: Scotland's Rural College

This work package will use data from Case Studies in the micro- and macro-economic ‘spatial econometrics’, ‘behavioural economics’ and ‘sectoral economics’ models to determine the economic performance of legumes at the farm and EU level for conventional and organic production systems.


Task 6.1

Explain distribution of legumes across EU and farm level modelling



Task 6.2

To analyse farmer behaviour in relation to the uptake of sustainable legume production


Task 6.3

To assess the uptake of sustainable and profitable legume at production and consumption level on sector competitiveness and trade, including risk assessments



Definition of Sustainability Indicators for WP8 (Month 36)



Behavioural analysis of farmers uptake and consumers choice (Month 36)



Scenarios for upscaling production, including economic and trade indicators (Months 36-48)