WP7: Policy and Governance

Lead Partner: ESSRG Kft

This work package seeks to to analyse and enable policies, legislation and regulatory institutions that will strengthen and support the spread of productive, economically viable, environmentally sustainable, and resilient legume-based farming, marketing, and short-food chain approaches.


Task 7.1

Identify and characterise legume-friendly policies as well as main drivers for such policy change; sharing of knowledge in a science-policy interface for legume production


Task 7.2

Host stakeholder workshops for new ideas and innovations for progressive governance solutions


Task 7.3

To provide stakeholders with new institutional and policy frameworks for the governance of legume-based farming systems, and consumption/production patterns


Task 7.4

Raising awareness of the positive roles of legumes in the human diet and agricultural production



Report on co-design of policy analysis

(Month 9)



Co-production of the policy assessment

(Month 20)



Delphi for favourable governance contexts (Month 32)



Policy papers/briefs and recommendations (minimum four) (Month 48)