WP8: Transition Pathways

Lead Partner - Institut Jozef Stefan

This work package aims to to enable the leveraging of legume incorporation into further farming, co-operative, feed industries, food chains and supply chain businesses across Europe, by designing a web-based assessment tool for sustainability of legume–based farming systems.

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Task 8.1

Design an integrated decision-based model to assess the sustainability of legume systems


Task 8.2

Modelling the effects of legume systems on the environment


Task 8.3

Modelling the economic aspects of legume systems


Task 8.4

Modelling the policy aspects of legume systems 


Task 8.5

Integration of the above mentioned pillars and their interactions in a DSS system


Task 8.6

Building a web-based sustainability assessment tool



Conceptual model for system evaluation (Month 24)



Decision support models: environment/economy/policy/legume systems (Month 36)



Modelling sustainable (legume) systems (Month 48)



Web-based tool for legume systems (Month 48)



Scientific and technical manuals/publications for web tool (Month 48)